Thursday, February 20, 2014

~~New Ways~~

It's a new way of life.
A new method.
A broken plan,
Shadowed grove.

I'm beginning--
But am I alone?
This is the only life
I have ever known.

How do I ask
For help from a stranger?
How do I admit
I need someone?

How do I say
I'm slipping?
How do I realize
What's wrong?

I have no faith.
No real trust.
I'm barely strong enough.
But....I'll be alright.

I can do this.
I can find God.
Find love.
Find meaning.

Lost and broken.
Destroyed and burned.
I can fight again.
I can be strong.

I never claimed
To be whole--
So now I'm admitting it.
I haven't been well.

I've never been well.
I'm going to get through it.
Going to breathe.
Just trust me.

I will enjoy
This new way
Of living
My blessed life.

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