Monday, February 3, 2014

~~HER Complications--Notification Post~~

Okay, so I'm working on HER while fiddling with the very first Candy Sweet Faces Sidelines Story (more on that later) and I'm realizing a couple issues.

I cannot remember this story AT ALL. As in, I'm literally rereading things and making a huge list of notes just to figure out what's actually going on. It's getting very convoluted, which means that there is a slight chance that the three chapters of it already up will have changes done to them. I'm sorry about that, guys. I really should have planned ahead.

But I do actually enjoy this story. Note, it's got a large chance of having sex scenes somewhere in it. So, please, keep in mind that it will end up being 18+. I'll try to avoid that, though, as I don't want the entire blog to need to be marked as 18+.

So, y'all are probably wondering what the heck Candy Sweet Faces Sidelines Stories actually are.

In case you guys have forgotten, Candy-Sweet Faces is the novel I wrote for Camp National Novel Writing Month last year. It was about pedophiles, murderers, love, depression, and what it means to actually have hope--and it was loosely based on my life. I fell in love with the story and the universe I created, and therefore I'm going to have a lot of stories based around the plotline of the novel itself. So, you'll basically get snippets of the novel from different viewpoints, as well as a lot of background information on the story and plenty of little teasers.

Small confession--these stories aren't really intended for you guys. They were meant as my own personal project, so I could get myself back into Candy-Sweet Faces after a long hiatus. Also, they were meant to help me figure out the ending.

I also have another reason for posting these, but I'm going to leave it as a surprise.

Let's just say that Candy-Sweet Faces will not be posted here on my blog.

And there will be some surprises to do with the Sidelines stories.

Kya, I'm excited.

Okay, so don't worry about HER. HER WILL be posted eventually! I just need to figure out how to make it work.

Today is my first day of Semester Two.

Three semesters, including this one, away from graduating and moving on to normal life.

I can't believe high school's going by this fast....

Looking back at who I was in grade nine....I can't believe I was ever that young.

I'll probably end up saying that exact same thing in a few years.

I love you, my dearest readers.

Now for a poem.

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