Wednesday, February 26, 2014

~~Ahem, Let's Speed It Up--Notification Post~~

Alright, everyone. On Friday, Chapter Three of Scribbler will be posted onto this lovely little blog. I'm working on a lot of things right now, and I'm realizing that this blog going through these stories for a very long time. And that sounds a bit agonizing for my readers.

So, I'm announcing something.

You can PATIENTLY read through the unedited version of Scribbler and the sequels to it. It will be basically entirely raw. It will be slowly posted, and never feature very much bonus content. It will be done, of course, but it won't be exactly great.

By the way, YES THERE ARE SEQUELS TO SCRIBBLER! It is a whole little series. I'm not 100% sure how long it is, though....And I know I didn't really finish it....But I can actually remember the ending, and how I planned to get there, so we'll be just fine. I've missed that story anyways, and it'd let my head get more wrapped around the idea of publishing Candy-Sweet Faces.

Aaaaand....You can probably guess what I'm going to say, aren't you?

Yep, yep....You are completely right.

The Scribbler and all of its sequels are going to be SOLD.


I have just realized that the Scribbler--and all of its sequels--only have three chapters. Aaaaand all of them are only 20-30 pages.



The entire series will be sold either as a group of edited versions with little to no bonus content--which will include poems and insights on my writing process--or as a complete and total BOOK with each and every story in it.

The overall book that encompasses the Scribbler is known simply as THE TALENTS. That title might change with time, so don't stick with it....

Needless to say, that complete version might take a while to be completed. And, needless to say, the edited versions will probably be longer.

The separate versions of THE TALENTS will be cheaper than the complete version--which makes sense; you're buying multiple stories just to get what the whole version offers. It all depends on what you guys want to buy.

If you intend to BUY Scribbler, STOP READING IT RIGHT NOW. I'm serious. You'll ruin it for yourself later.

In fact, I might even be a tiny bit evil....

And take down the free version of Scribbler a few days after it is published.



Aaaand I'm also going to copyright my blog very soon. I've posted a lot of writing here, and I want it to stay mine. I don't mind if you link it to people, but my writing is my writing. I love you, but I want my writing to stay mine.

If everything goes right, the entirety of Scribbler will be edited BY THIS TIME NEXT WEEK.

And will hit Amazon the week after. Or sooner. Depends on when I can get everything done. I do have school. You know, that thing I go to every day and don't really seem to notice? Yeah! That thing. I do attend that thing. It's an important thing. Let's remember that thing, okay?

Okay, I'm going to start naming these off....

THE WEAVER (Completed)
THE SHADOWER (Completed)
THE ANGEL (Completed)
THE SOUL (Begun)
THE EDITOR (Planned)

Those are seven stories, each around 25 pages long.

Let's do some math...

Twenty five pages multiplied by seven stories is ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FIVE PAGES.

Okay, compared to all of my other writing that is...rather tiny, is it not? It's a lot shorter than everything else! And it might even be a lot longer, depending on how much rewriting/writing I do....

Even so, this will probably be the first thing I publish.

I'm a bit scared.

But it's gonna be good....

Let's speed it up.

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