Tuesday, February 4, 2014

~~How Many Posts are Too Many?--Meta Post~~

I'm not sure how many posts can be considered too many. I don't want to bore you guys, or spam you guys. I know that quality content is better than quantity of content. However, that isn't stopping me from posting multiple times a day and posting FIVE different stories at a time.

Seeing as the mixture of poems and stories is going to drive the homepage insane with confusion, I might end up making a specifically stories and specifically poems blog. OR adding a LIFE POST tab as well as a POEMS tab to prompt a bit more organization, so you don't need to scroll through trillions of stories and poems just to get updates on my life.

But that would require WORK, as--to make it any use at all--it would need to be updated daily, and have EACH AND EVERY POST PREVIOUS ADDED.

And you know I'm lazy, and find that amount of hard work terrifying.

Despite that, I'm writing a lot more these days; is it because I'm just panting after page views, or is it just because I enjoy it? Meh, either way--for the past few days, I've been more prolific than I've been in my entire blogging career. And a schedule might be good for me. I'll try not to make it so that I no longer write for pleasure, as I know a lack of enjoyment will lead to slippage.

It has occurred to me that there are two days (excluding the weekend) where I don't post stories.

Those are Thursday and Friday.

If I begin posting stories on Thursday and Friday, the amount of writing I'll have to do to keep up this schedule might begin inflicting pain with my hands and my grades (which can't allow for much sliding, by the by.) However, it might be a hell of a challenge that will be kept up until I cannot manage it.

So, do not expect me to spend the next several months like this!

At a minimum, my current schedule will last ten weeks. After that, we run out of the chapters of For Love of Minecraftia. And then I'll be stuck with nothing to post on Mondays...Which may mean they become rest days. But that's not a guarantee. I'll figure out what to do in ten weeks.

I have a few options for Thursday and Friday stories--both of which are incomplete and slightly shorter. Okay, some are A LOT shorter....

However, I think that the pair of them have enough chapters already to give me a bit of time to keep getting them updated. By the way, I won't give you any details on those two stories yet until I actually post them. For now, I'll keep you in the dark.

I really hope someone out there is appreciating this. I'm going by your view counts, boys and girls. If I get more views on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays than other Chapter days, then I'll be able to tell which stories are your favorites. In some ways, I don't mind if my readership doesn't increase too much; I'm not doing this for money, after all.

I'm doing this to challenge myself.

Oh, I also have a small note I would like to tell you guys ahead of time.

Before too long, the amount of links on the BOOKSHELF tab will become too many, and I might need to add a second BOOKSHELF tab. In case that happens, I'll put a list at the top of each tab which stories can be found on it so you don't need to scroll through all of them.

And it has just occurred to me I have not yet updated the PLAYLIST, READING LIST, AND ANIME LAST tab.

Screw that jazz.....

I'll do it later, I promise!

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