Sunday, February 2, 2014

~~WHAT?!--Milestone Post~~

OKAY. Explain something to me, boyos. Just when did I get to so many posts?! Just WHEN did I write so much?

I can't believe this.

But this is my 250th post. MY TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTIETH POST.

I never thought this place would get that far.

I never believed for a moment that I this.

I never believed I would get this far.

I'm proud of myself.

I'm happy with everything I've done, and how far I've gotten to. How much I've lived through.

Looking back, I've grown up so much.

I've gotten braver and happier. I've lived so very much....

Loved so very much....

I'm so very, very happy with my life.

I owe so much to you, my lovely readers.

You've gotten me through so much.

Just keep reading, my loves.

Just keep reading.

I'll always keep writing.

Love forever,


By the way....

I'm sitting at 3,349 views.



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