Sunday, February 2, 2014

~~Letting Go: A Free Verse Story~~

The young man knelt, whispered
A name.
He closed his eyes, and sighed.
So many memories
Tickled his mind,
And he couldn't decide
If he should
Stay, or if he should go.
"Remember me, remember her.
"Remember the kind of life
"I should have led."
He raises his head, and gazes up
At the sky.
He peers at the stars
Through the abyss the oval
Of rough rope
Could he do this?
Could he truly
Wipe away
His memories
With a final action?
Could he leave her behind?
Refusing to believe
For a moment
That this was his only choice, he begins
To shake and whimper.
Sobs wrack his
Narrow-limbed form.
Could he
Let her go?
He could....
He shivers, biting his lip.
He rises
To his feet.
And walks away
From the noose.
He could let her go.

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