Friday, June 14, 2013


Don't let me fall, don't let me go.
Don't let me end, I'm not ready.
I want to fight,
I want to breathe--but don't think
I can do it alone.
I can rely on myself, yes,
But I need to lean sometimes.
I'm still so young; pity me.
Please, grant me your sympathy!
Take my hand, dance with me, I'll be yours.
Take my hand, pull me close, I won't fight.
Don't let me fall....
Let me fall....
I'm weak, I'm scared, I'm strong, I'm amazing.
I'm frightened, I'm frightened, I'm fighting....
I'm me.
I will be amazing.
I will be more.
I've suffered enough.....
Filled my cup of pain....
I want to spill it.
I want to hurt, I want
To wrench someone down with me.
I want to hurt, I want to kill.
I've suffered enough.
I've done enough.
It's my turn now to live--
And your turn to fall.
Your turn to scream silent screams.
Your turn to weep in the dark of night.
Your turn to sit on a bridge and dream of death.
Your turn to howl.
Your turn to regret.
Your turn to weep in your bedroom before
Facing your family
With a smile.
Your turn to burn.


  1. Hi (awkward Hi)
    I just wanted to say I think its really interesting how you build you words up, then let go again, and use a little bit of positive imagery to contrast with the whole darker side of the writing, to make that part of the writing even more prominent?
    Anyway it's really clever, that's all I wanted to say :-)

  2. Thank you for saying that :) I tried to mix and match the positive and negative. My topics tend to be very dark and depressing, so any positive imagery I try to toss in there is pretty much needed. I'm also not even ashamed for doing a happy dance when I noticed there was a comment. That NEVER happens. Thank you, and e-hug.


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