Friday, March 14, 2014

~~Worth the Desperation~~

It never felt so good.
Never felt so right....
I never believed
Until I heard the word tonight:

The distance closes.
You'll be in my arms.
No more reason,
No more need:

You're in my arms.
Worth the desperation?
Worth the pain?
The late nights and worry?

It was worth it.
Worth the manipulation.
Worth the lies.
Worth the fight.

I have never understood
Just what love felt like.
I have never understood
The hyperventilation and bitter loneliness.

Until this point,
I never understood....
I never really guessed
It could be this good.

Until now, I never believed
In the power of two hearts.
Two hearts and two pairs of hands
That reached across countless miles

To clutch at each other.
You and I beat the odds, my dove.
You and I are impossible, my love.
We are real, my beloved.

We are real.
We are really worth it.
We can only go up from here--
And we're going up in leaps and bounds.

We're taking the fast track
To heaven, hand in hand--
A cheater and a sociopath,
Hearts bared to the other.

Complete trust where logic
Refuses to even try.
Three years of friendship.
Less than three months of love.

A cheater and sociopath--
Ha! How could this work?
Twisted and undone....
How could there be love?

Lies and manipulation.
A bitch and an asshole.
Bitter rivals, and lovers too.
How could this work?

How could this be
Worth the desperation?
Should it not be impossible?
I suppose....It is very possible.

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  1. I'm glad to see you doing so well. It's interesting how some fall, and some rise above isn't it? Just remember everyone who fell around you. You might also try finding the one falling now. Have a time, and learn well.


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