Thursday, March 6, 2014

~~Not Dead, Just Lonely~~

I keep acting like there's a problem.

I keep saying that there is no solution.

You keep watching me spiral.

You keep me from spinning out of control.


You hold my hand, and try to convince me

That there's something better than here.

I try not to listen, refusing to believe that

There's a whole new kind of life we're waiting to lead.


I mean, in a perfect world, there wouldn't be this feeling.

In a perfect world, I wouldn't want to die.

In a perfect world, you'd never need

To leave my arms, and go back to a home you hate.


In a perfect world, we'd be always together.

In a perfect world, I wouldn't have been untrue.

In a perfect world, you'd have nothing to protect me from.

In a perfect world....In a better world.....


It's useless to dream, when you keep me pinned

To my painted sky--the one you painted

In red, brown, and gold. The colors

Of the leaves that predicted the fall.


You keep me stuck in blissful reality.

You try to keep me from running away.

You show me the world wants me to stay,

But I don't like this perfect world.


I don't know which one is a lie anymore.

I don't know just how to close the door....

I'm losing myself, but you keep telling me

I'm finding out the truth you don't want me to see.


Which one of us will end the game?

Which one of us will be okay?

I can't even explain it to myself....

I can't even begin to understand.


I'm not dead, just lonely.

My numbness inside isn't caused by pain.

It's caused by your absence, and a world

You don't want me to believe in....


Are we right, or are we wrong?

Are we cool, or are we fools?

Which one of us is real?

Which one of us can actually feel?

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