Friday, March 21, 2014

~~A-Z Theme Reveal!--Life Post~~

Okay, so seeing as some people have dropped comments mentioning this, I just realized it has completely slipped my mind! So, I shall now reveal the theme.

My theme is my psyche. My half-crazed mind filled with other personalities. I'll include Endo somehow--yes, there is a new one!

RAPHAEL: He will be posting plenty of poems and an overview of my life.
ALAKINA: Stories forever!
STEPHA: An interesting discussion on submission.
JACE: Book reviews!
RAVEN: A discussion on domination.
KAKANA: The insanity of geniuses.
DANA: Videogame reviews!
MICHAEL: Life in the Mansion
CASSANDRA: Webcomic reviews!
ENDO: Meditation tips!

ME: How my life is, with these...people.

Here you go!

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  1. It slipped my mind, too, until this evening. All's good, though - looks like you got it in with plenty of time to spare!

    SF & Fantasy Writer @ Visions of Other Worlds


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