Thursday, March 27, 2014

~~Some Parts of Me Don't Agree~~

I wasn't meant to end up getting the best
Things in this world.
I was treated
As a slave
For so very long....
I'm sick of being
An object.
I'm sick of being
A slave.
I'm not a set of holes for use--
I'm more than you
Could ever believe.
So back off
And leave me be--
There's no going back
To what I used to be.
Don't think for
A second that you'll
Get what you think you need:
I'm not your girl;
Screw you, and let me be.
Screw you, and let me be!
You never gave me the
Time of day--
You'd play me so
I'd never feel okay.
You'd play off my weakness, play
Games with my neuroses.
You'd dance on my grave, and
Make me hate myself--
Just so you could take the pain away.
(It's not that you were cruel;
It's just that I was
Entirely dependent on you....
I miss you, too.)
I'm not sorry for ending
The things between us.
I'm not sorry
For telling you
We are over.
I'm not sorry for
Breaking the rules
And leaving you alone--
I'm just not sorry.
I'm better off this way.
(So please be okay.
I never meant to hurt you.)
Leave me alone.
(You were the only
Man of your kind
That I had ever
I think I'm
Finally figuring things out
All on my own.
I'm finally realizing what it means
To be 100% percent in love:
It wasn't something
I could get
By kneeling at your
Beck and call.
(I know you need me still.)
Every word I say
Is a cross between
Pulling you here, and pushing
You away....
(Don't leave me here alone.)
I'm better off with him.
I'm better here.
Good luck
With someone else.
(I hope you're happy right now....)
I know I'm happy right now.
(Then why is there
An ache in my chest?
My Master is going away....)
I never needed you,
You always held me down....
(I was growing with you....)
I know I'll be okay
With you gone.
(I still feel
Like crying....)
Goodbye, and good luck....
(I wish I could
Go with you,
But I can't leave the man
I am with instead of you....)
I'm sorry.


  1. Powerful stuff. Really enjoyed it.

    1. Thank you. I'm glad someone enjoyed it--I was actually considering not posting it, considering the thematic matter's...oddness.


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