Sunday, March 2, 2014

~~A New World of 'Just Barely'~~

Sustain it the best you can.
Sustain the swing, sustain....
Losing it all in the middle....
Losing the extremes....

A new world of 'just barely'.
Pretending it's alright.
Focus on priorities.
Make sure it's okay.

Don't worry about the loss of sleep.
About the loss of time.
About the man you love being
The man you should escape from.

Don't worry about anything.
Enter the world of 'just barely'.
Enter the world of slightly wrong....
Enter the world of apathy.

I am going to be completely fine.
I won't lose a single thing.
I will keep myself in total control.
I will survive forever.

I will be fine...
Just barely....
Just barely alive....
Not even alive.

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