Thursday, March 6, 2014

~~The One and Only~~

I don't make no bones
About being like another.
I don't even pretend
To act like you.

I don't act like I can
Hide the things I do.
I don't even believe
I'll ever get away from you.

I'm the one and only:
I can't understand the lonely.
I'll never be alone,
As I'll never be known.

I'm one out of a hundred thousand.
One out of over seven billion.
More than me, more than you.
I know exactly what you'll do.

You'll die without me, with me.
Always gonna break me down.
I'll never pretend, never let it end:
I'll always be the one and only.

I'll be the one and only
Half-Mad Writer, the polyamorous
Pansexual poet and people-person.
I'll be the blogger and author.

I'll be who I am, at the cost
Of everything I could have had
If I knew how to pretend
To be like you.

If I could hide away....
If I could close off myself....
If I could pretend....
If I could lie....

I'd stop being the one and only.
I'd make myself not be lonely.
I'd grow and change, become accepted--
At the cost of myself.

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