Monday, March 24, 2014

~~Not Even Slightly~~

I'm not bad-off.
I hope you understand why
It is I complain.
I'm not even slightly
Suffering, but instead
I'm doing better
Than ever before.
I'm looking up
At the sky,
And for once
The sun's light
Doesn't blind my
Broken eyes.
I can see,
I can feel--
My world
Finally begun.
I'm getting stronger,
Getting better--
And I've never
Been better.
My world hurts,
My world is dark--
But I wouldn't
Trade it
For another.
I love this place.
This little,
Broken place.
It is safe
Here in
The darkness.
I can hold tight
To Shawn's hand
And feel as if
I am safe.
After years,
Of wondering--
I think I
Am safe.
Does it mean
The pain will fade?
Does it mean my growth
Will finally continue?
Will I get
Will I become
Who am I?
I no longer
I am not
More than me--
I am just
And I think
I love
Who I am.


  1. This will be the last comment you receive from me. I appreciate all you've done, the memories I created with you from a distance. I'll never forget what has been said. It's amazing how time changes us as people, both in the long run and in the moment. We all change, and everything around us will change. Stay strong, love. I'm ever watching over you, just as I always have.

    1. If this is who I think it is, please....Message me, I've missed you.


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