Monday, March 17, 2014

~~Dear Shawn~~

Hello, my sweet man.
Hello, my bitter darling.
I wish to see your smile.
I wish to hear your laugh.

Your arms offer
A strange sanctuary.
Your eyes gift me
With a soothing look.

I make you laugh,
And I hope I make
Your dreams
Be as good as you make mine.

Dear Shawn, you are more
Than you think you are.
In my eyes, you are lovely--
My glorious dark god.

You, with your heart so dark,
Still shine with acceptance:
Even if there is pain,
I will always remain.

I can't go, and I know
You won't leave unless
I tell you to go.
Could I ever let you go?

We came further than we
Ever thought we could.
Impossible coincidences,
And stranger circumstances.

Blind luck, or the work of fate?
True love, or three years as friends?
Days fade to weeks, my love--
Let's watch the years fade, too.

Grow old with me, please.
Promise me you will.
I know you would not fight to live--
So don't expect me to stay.

I'll follow you, as blind as that might be,
Through this world--or into
What ever comes after here.
I won't stay if you don't.

Dear Shawn, expect me
To grow and change with you.
I'll stay, I'll grow, I'll improve--
I swear I will be yours.

I'll be yours, if you
Forever stay mine.
Hear my words, hear my voice--
It's whispering through my poetry.

Calling to you through
A computer screen.
Picture in your mind:
The pair of us,

As perfectly imperfect
As fate could have desired.
So very wrong--
Could we be more right?

The pair of us,
Curled up asleep together.
Your arms around me,
My hands warm against your chest.

I miss you, my heater.
I am cold here without you.
I can't wait to go home,
Where you wait for me.

Dear Shawn, I hope you smile.
I hope you know
I don't care what you hide.
I can accept you--blindly, or not.

We've closed the distance.
We've found the right path.
We're together now,
And together we'll stay.

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