Thursday, March 20, 2014

~~Ah, Blessed Light~~

I think I found out how
To breathe
After so long spent
Beneath your weight.
I spent so long
Praying there
Would be what I found
In his arms:
Something worth
The poison.
Something worth
The fight,
The war,
The endless barrage
Of bitterness and lies.
Finding beauty
In the dissonance,
I think I
Can breathe now.
I can find
My way to soar--
Instead of tumble
Off the cliff
(The way I did
For you.)
I can find
The reality behind
The things
(You used to say)
That hurt me.
Capitals and capitol
Reach out to me,
Begging me
With their clawed hands
To do as they say.
I try to refuse,
Try to remain--
But then I hear
His voice again.
It drowns out
(Your voice)
The sounds of things
I hate,
And reclaims me
(Your arms)
The darkness.
Which part
Is true?
I don't think
I even give a damn.
I'm dancing
In the light
(As you burn
In the dark).

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