Wednesday, March 5, 2014

~~Half-Dead Bunny Rabbits~~

There are bunny rabbits in my mind.
I can't even pretend to hide.
I'm not dead, I'm not fine--
I'm going to be alright!

Don't worry, I'll sing and dance.
In the darkness, I'm prepared to prance.
I can swallow all the pain.
And make it okay again.

I'll swallow up what happened.
I'll work my way until I end
The bad things and undo
All the things I did to you.

I'm a half-dead bunny rabbit.
I wouldn't do this if I didn't know it
Would help me get better....
I really hope I'll get better.

I'm drained out, and slipping away.
I'm at the edge of 'one last bad day'.
One bad day to drive me mad.
At the end, I hope you're glad.

I hope you're proud of what you've done.
I've sung the worst songs I could have sung.
I've dragged you to me
And made you bleed.

I feel fine now, I think.
I'll be okay to write, I think.
I'll try to explain why I went away.
I hope you understand why I'll be okay....

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