Thursday, March 6, 2014

~~The Choice is Yours~~

Step one: Start out young.
Start out uncertain of it all.
Start out making countless mistakes.
Start out hating
Just who you thought
You were.

Step two: Find out why.
Find out why you weren't loved.
Find out why they said goodbye.
Find out what you don't
Want to know
Was a lie.

Step three: Make a plan.
Plan for every occasion.
Plan for rainy days.
Plan for what you
Can't ever

Step four: Give up yourself.
Give up all your dreams.
Give up all your reasons.
Give up all
You once
Held dear.

The choice is yours:
You, or someone else?
Do you choose to fight?
Do you choose to die?
Do you choose to love?

The choice is yours:
Do you save yourself?
Do you pretend to be yourself?
Do you even love yourself?
Do you even know yourself?

The choice is yours:
Do you write, or do you enjoy reading?
Do you do math, or stop the bleeding?
Do you live, or do you die?
Do you expect to fail, or succeed?

The choice is yours
To save yourself.
The choice is yours,
Or someone else's.
Do you die
Or do you live?

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