Monday, March 17, 2014

~~I Never Regretted It (Until Now)~~

If I had known what would come
From that, I would have changed.
I would have played
A different game, gone a different way.

I wouldn't have chosen
To keep secrets you could find.
I destroyed your trust in me,
With an ill-fated choice.

Blindly searching for what
I already had,
I stumbled into the arms
Of a man better/worse than you.

I cannot compare you
To any other.
I cannot choose you
Over another....

But I must.
You mean more, and I was
So very wrong
To ignore the love you gave.

I wish you could forgive
What I would not forgive.
If we traded places,
The gods would laugh in our faces.

How funny we must seem!
Two mortals, clutching hands.
Hoping our flaws
Will be fixed by the strengths

Of the other.
Could we be more wrong?
Could we be more right?
Forget it, I'll see you tonight...

I never regretted it
Until now....
I never knew love
Until now.

Tears streaking down my face.
Bitter strength,
And bitter love.
Be mine, oh broken dove.

I think I can do this.
I think I'm strong enough.
I'm strong enough
To say I love you.

A bundle of broken nerves.
A bunch of twisted lies.
Bent out of shape--
My poor halo glimmers in the shade

Of an ancient tree.
You dance in the starlight,
Whispering my name
Into the night.

I'll come when you call.
I'll never go, not ever.
I'll stay close, pressed up
Against your chest.

Hold me close,
My darling.
Hold me close

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