Monday, March 24, 2014

~~Surprise, Surprise.....~~

Drifting through the night--
Does might make right?
Which one of us
Can see as the sky
Returns to night?

I could dream, I could breathe--
But I can't feel you
Holding on to me.
I just can't believe
You can even breathe.

Surprise, surprise, the world is over--
I hope you packed your bags,
Because we're heading off tonight.
A different world, a better world--
Let's see if might makes right.

A war torn world isn't a place
To call our own,
So let's find a place where
We can all
Find our own home.

I wonder if we're fine
As we wander, alone and alive--
Your hand in mine;
As you said before,
Anyone not blood related is on the streets.

I'm kept close to you, protected
And hopefully well-defended.
I got your back--
Let's see if we can play
This game tonight.

I can't believe you can even breathe
As the nuclear bombs explode behind us.
I can't believe we can fly away,
And leave this world
To decay.

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