Monday, March 17, 2014

~~Better than Me~~

I'm growing up, it's true:
My life won't drag me from you.
I mean, I know I'll have to go.
But that doesn't mean forever.

Goodbye for now.
Goodbye for a little while.
I know it won't defeat us,
But it will hurt us....

Goodbye, for now.
I miss you, it's true:
I swore I'd stay with you.
But I guess that wasn't true.

Let's try to speak again.
Rebuild upon the past.
We weren't broken, just hurt--
What we have is what we had.

Let's continue on from here.
My brother, not my lover....
I wish things had not happened
This way....

But, in a way, I'm glad.
I've found true happiness.
Imperfect as it is,
It is more than enough for me.

Ian, I miss you--come back to me.
I don't want to lose you,
And I don't want to miss you.
Be the guy I know you are.

I'll come if you call my name.
I'll disappear, if you ask.
I'll smile, I'll laugh--
Just show me you want me back.

You are doing well.
Maybe you'll find someone better....
Better than I was to you.
Someone who won't cheat.

Good luck, my love--
I'll never forget the time we had.
I'll never forget the promise
We made....

A year to fix
What the world broke.
A year to regain

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