Friday, March 28, 2014

~~Don't Think~~

Don't think or cry,
Don't laugh or smile.
Just give up,
And give in.
It's not worth the pain,
So destroy the remains.
Find your way
Out of the dark.
Don't think or scream,
No one can hear you!
Don't bother trying
To believe in anyone--
They'll just lie to you.
Lower your head
And work.
Focus on nothing
But the work
Channel feelings
Down across bridges,
And burn everything
Behind you.
Run right ahead,
Tear the world in two.
Don't stop, don't think--
Don't even think that I care.
I don't give a damn,
I don't care at all.
I just want you
Out of here.
I want you
Out of here.
Wipe away
And burn the rest
Until there's nothing left
But ash.
There can be
Nothing left,
But ash.
So don't think for one second
That I care if you're crying.
The world is cruel and cold,
And to survive,
You have to be colder.
I'm not sorry for burning you--
Are you sorry for breaking me?
You tore me in two,
And taught me
To hate you....
So let's
Burn the world,
Let's burn the world
Let me erase
It all
For you.

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