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~~FLOM: Chapter Fifteen--Don't Look at the Reality Bug~~

I looked around me. Now that my awareness was back, there was nothing I could do right now but find a way to get out of here without him knowing. I knew I wouldn't last long at all if I needed to deal with him again….But how do I get out?

I had absolutely no idea….

Knowing I had to try, I started sneaking away, trying to be as quiet as I possibly could be. Unfortunately, I found no way out, just more and more stacks of books that began to resemble trees in a forest. The tables and chairs that scattered the library began to remind me more and more of rocks and stumps. Of course their appearance never changed, but the fact that this room seemed to go on for all eternity definitely reminded me of a forest….

Finally, I found something: A door, plain wood, set into a wall that had a row of bookshelves five blocks high on either side of the door. It was worth a shot and there really were no other options, so I opened the door.

I found glowstone there.

Nothing but endless glowing glowstone….

I stared at it for a long time, fascinated by its glow for a rather long time. I couldn't get over how truly pretty it was….

Realizing I was really just being an idiot, I turned around and walked smack dab into Herobrine. Really, was anyone surprised? He pushed me back to around arm's length, looked into my eyes, and said very simply, "You've smartened up now, haven't you?"

"What do you mean, my love?" I asked, trying to look as adorably worshipping a I could. Okay, so that probably wasn't the best idea knowing my acting skills, but I had to try….

He shook his head at me sternly. "Don't even try, Mitchie. I can tell you despise me right now—I know that look in your face all too well. I remember seeing it every time you went down to the basement, because of how much you hated it down there…."

I think my heart rate decided to take flying lessons, while my stomach tied itself to an anvil from Acme and pushed it off a cliff.

"H-How do you know what I looked like when I was in the basement…? And.…What basement?" I asked, very stupidly. He couldn't mean…..

He grinned very, very widely at me. "You're not a good liar at all, Mitchie. And you have always fascinated me. In fact, your entire family has."

I trembled weakly, wanting to get away from him right now. However, his grip on me tightened, his pure white eyes staring right into mine. I knew he was waiting for me to answer, but I couldn't find my voice…..Finally, I managed to blurt: "What are you going to do with me?"

He grinned. "Marry you of course. You really are an amazing girl, even though I know you would never be able to accept someone like me without some special…coaching. And I understand of course—anyone smart wouldn't be willing to go anywhere near my kind. However, you seem to have a thing for us, don't you?" he asked harshly, and Slenderman hopped vividly into my mind, all white face and suit.

I trembled, looking down at biting my lip. "What are you…going to do with Slenderman?"

Herobrine's hand moved to my chin, forcing me to raise my head until my eyes met his. He spoke very quietly: "Correction. Not what I am going to do, but what I did do."

So now my heart rate decides to start doing a long series of endless hundred meter dashes. To top that off, my tummy does a rather well developed backflip.

Okay, that was definitely not fun at all….

I had no idea what to do but swear at him to the very best of my ability. So I won't bore you more than I already have, readers, I won't really include the stream of abuse I yelled at him at this exact second.

Let's pick the story up around ten minutes later, when I'm back in my room and the door has been replaced with several blocks of obsidian. There is no way I'm getting out of here unless I have a diamond pickaxe…

Feeling hopeless, I lay down in bed, closing my eyes. This wasn't going well at all….

There were so many things I had hoped for from this wonderful world of Minecraft. An escape. Freedom. However, now I found myself here, living in hell.

I didn't know if I regretted it or not. All the things that had happened….Some had been good. I had met Haruhi…..She made all of this worth it, in my mind. She truly was so amazingly cute….

I sighed, looking down. Did I really love Haruhi? I mean, I was a girl after all….

However, I just….I just knew she was amazing. I had never really considered myself to be anything but straight, but I guess how I really felt about her more than proved me wrong.

I bit my lip, and made a very important decision: If I ever wanted to see her again, I would need to find my way out of here and fast.

I looked around at my surroundings. There didn't seem to be anything useful that sprang to mind. There was the bed, the glowstone, and the doorway blocked off by obsidian. Obsidian one needed a diamond pickaxe to break….

If only I had thought to steal his!

Biting my lip, I decided that the best thing I could do at the moment was pace and think. Maybe my subconscious could come up with better ideas than me…. I climbed out of bed and started pacing the length of the room from my bed to the wall and back again, all the while muttering to myself. I muttered about how I missed sunlight, about how I hoped I would be able to wake up and get out of this place, about how hungry I was. I couldn't even remember the last time I had eaten—how long had I been here, anyways?

My stomach rumbles loudly, declaring its shared unease and discomfort at the lack of nomming. "I'm sorry, belly. I have nothing to feed you." My stomach commenced its best imitation of  chainsaw, and started to hurt. Sighing and trying to think past the ball of tears in my throat, I rubbed my stomach and just kept pacing.

"My life really sucks right now, doesn't it belly?" I say dryly, looking down at it sadly. "I don't want it to suck. I want to have a normal happy life. One NOT dominated by weird obsessions…."

James suddenly popped into my head. He had been the first human ever interested and me, and because of what happened I had lost him….And I think a good part of me just knew that he would never, ever be coming back to me.

I shook my head, and swore, ramming my foot hard into the glowstone block next to me. It shattered into pieces, and I felt instantly guilty for destroying such a beautiful thing. I had broken it…

Sighing, I knelt and started picking up the little blocks it had become. As I was doing so, I spotted something weird.

The block the glowstone had been resting on was made of glass.

I blinked, and went to two of the other blocks, destroying them with kicks. I was left in a near-black room, having left only one block of glowstone. Sure enough, all of the blocks had sat on glass.

Knowing it was my best chance, I tore a strip form my shirt. I wrapped the flimsy material around my hand and knelt by one of the blocks of glass. Closing my eyes and hoping that it wouldn't shatter into pieces like a real world piece of glass, I started punching it.

It didn't take very long for the glass to shatter, falling out of reach. It made no sound when it eventually landed—if it ever did land….Summoning the shards of my courage, I slid carefully over towards the hole and dangled my feet over the edge. Swallowing, I slipped closer and closer until it was all my butt could do to hold onto the edge, and whispered very softly to myself: "For Haruhi….And Slenderman."

I dropped into the abyss.

I fell for what seems like ages, even though I knew it had to be only seconds. My heart was racing and my world was screaming inside, but on and on I fell, the blackness impenetrable and the weak glint above me from my cell fading further and further away….

I woke up in my bed back home. There was nothing different. I could smell bacon and I could hear the sound of laughter and a tea kettle whistling. I closed my eyes tightly, and left my room, running down to the basement.

Sure enough, I found my family there, talking and laughing while Slenderman played with Cloud, running around on the floor chasing the little fuzzball. I felt my entire body relax, and I walked into the room, calling out, "I'm so glad that you guys are okay!"

Everyone froze solid.

I died inside just a bit.

A few moments later, my dad turned his head and looked up at me with a very wide smile on his face. "Oh, we're better than okay little one!"

I turned right around, and started running up the steps, only to have an impossibly long arm reach out and clothesline me. I doubled over, the arm wrenching me backwards. I started crying and kicking, but I was dragged right back up to the slender chest of my love. He looked down at me, faceless, his head angled impossibly. His head was almost at right angles to his neck….

His face changed. For the first time, I watched it: Bones and shapes and colors pressed up against his 'mask', pushing it outwards and softly visible through his skin. Then, with a gentle ripping sound, his face split in half and opened, and I found myself looking right at Herobrine….

A gentle voice spoke to me in that one horrific moment, saying gently, "Close your eyes…."

It was the voice of the giant floating creeper head.

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