Thursday, March 6, 2014


No way, no way but this.
No other way to be!
I'll always be
Right where you need
Me to be.

I'll be your girl.
I'll be your sweet sixteen.
I'll be your bitter girl.
I'll be your broken girl.
I'll be your dreamer.

I'll be your writer.
I'll be your killer.
I'll be your mourner.
I'll be your judge.
I'll be your jury.
I'll be your savior.

I'll be what you need
Me to be!
Every act I make
Will be an
Unrepeatable mistake
I made in your name.

Isn't it nice to have fame?
Isn't it nice to stand out?
It's nice to be different,
Nice to be known--
But it's not that nice
To always be alone.

But I'll pretend
Not to care.
I'll act like it
Doesn't touch me....
It does touch me.
It hurts so much inside.

I'll pretend to keep it in.
Every verse, every rhyme--
An unrepeatable sin.
I'll be your forgotten stranger.
I'll be
Your lonely poet.

Just let me love you.
Let me write these open letters
To the other silent ones.
Let me write these messages
And stick them in a screen-glassed bottle.
Let me wait for an answer.

I'll be unrepeatable.
I'll be undeniable.
I'll be untameable.
I'll be undone.
I'll be unmade.
I'll be--yours!

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