Monday, March 17, 2014

~~I'm Better Now~~

Suffering from my silence.
Fading away....
I can't hold on,
Not today.

What is true?
Do I love you?
Is there anything
I'm doing right?

I can't handle this feeling.
It's shaking me,
I'm reeling!
What's true? Let me go....

I can't let go of you!
I'm stuck here,
Dreaming here....
I can't understand what I fear.

I don't know,
But I want to scream.
I open my mind,
But I can't escape the dream!

I'm trying to understand.
Am I happy, or sad?
Am I broken, or glad?
What is wrong?

Is anything wrong at all?
Am I waiting at your beck and call?
Would I respond
If you told me to go away?

Do you desire love for me
Or the pain I caused you?
Do you desire selfishness,
As you selflessly hold me?

Pull me up against your chest.
In your arms,
I finally feel blessed.
I am happy here.

I'm better now
Than I was before.
Lie me down,
And shut the door.

I'm tired of fighting.
I'm tired of holding on.
Pull the blankets around us.
Let's stay here until dawn....

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