Monday, March 17, 2014


Three or four years
Of friendship.
Less than three months
Of love.

Good things come in three:
Your smile
Your laugh
Your love of me.

Could I trade
You in for better?
Could I look until I found
Someone else to wash away the pain?

No, I don't think I could.
Good things come in three;
Three loves, through the years:
Dylan, Ian, and you.

The same pattern, time and again.
Friendship, siblings, then more.
Burst onto the scene
With a song and dance--

How could you
Have given me
A second glance?
You trapped me in your glance.

I can't understand
The things that brought me here.
Training wheels--
The good WITH the bad.

We can't have one
Without the other.
I'll take your baggage,
If you take mine.

I don't care
How much it hurts.
I don't care
How much it weighs.

I'll take your baggage
If you take mine.
As bad as we were.
As good as I was.

I am yours, my bitter darling--
We'll grow up together.
You were a constant.
An invisible constant....

Be true to me.
I'll be true to you.
Always run right back to me.
I'll always wait.

No more bitter agony.
No more goodbyes.
I'll be what you need
Me to be.

My bitter love, let your pain fade.
Let the weight upon
Your back
Be transferred to mine.

I'll feed your ghost
With the largest spoon
I can find.
I'll make you better.

Three years
A friend and brother.
Three things
You've been:

My friend,
My brother,
And my lover.
Always mine, until the end....

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