Thursday, March 6, 2014

~~Predictable Insanity~~

The cost of loving you was my mind.

I suppose you think that that

Wasn't true...

But I suppose

That you are so wrong.

You can't even begin

To understand what you did.


You thought it would

Be something I could

Handle, didn't you?

You were so very,

Very wrong....

I can't handle what

You did to me.


I can't pretend to

Be alright

When you're pushing me down

And holding me close--

All in the same night.

I can't understand

How you make me feel.


I feel sick when I think

About the person you are--

Or was it

The person you were?

Did you actually change,

Or was it all

A lie to keep me here?


I can't believe

You would have lied for this long.

I can't do anything

But accept you for what you are.

I can't run--it's far too late.

I'm stuck here,

And happy to be here.


Even if it hurts,

I'm a victim of predictability.

Even if it hurts,

I couldn't run

If I tried.

I want to be here,

Drowning in your arms.


I'll be your lover

If you show me it's alright.

Give me a world I can

Believe in, and give me

A reason to keep up

The fight....

Give me your love.

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