Thursday, March 20, 2014

~~Fudge Scheduled Post--Meta Post~~

Okay, so I haven't been 'round and I seem to have utterly lost a large chunk of my readers. At the very least, my bitchin' poems guy has seemingly disappeared...v.v

I liked you, dude!

And you, other friend of Justin!

All of you guys rule o.o

Anyways, so I'm not entirely sure what to do with myself anymore! I mean, do I try and resume the schedule, or do I just decide to screw everything and just post ALL of For Love of Minecraftia, HER, and maybe the next installment of the Talents?

I'm not sure right now, guys. What do you want me to do? Hell, how many of you even care anymore?

Things were going so well--I had daily comments, huge amount of readers, a schedule...Everything was going according to plan. It was an honest-to-god blog that was gaining in fame. I was doing so damn good. I also cared more about ADVERTISING myself and the rest of the people here at Regaining Wings. Unfortunately, though, that has of course changed. I just...stopped caring as much, I guess. Which sucks hugely, in case you haven't noticed. I didn't want to stop caring, ever! I keep this blog going forever.

But then I got counselling.

And then Shawn moved in.

And my dropped class in period one means I can sleep in until eight.


I'm sorry, guys.

You know what?

I AM going to post all of For Love of Minecraftia today, but HER is going to remain as weekly posts.

The Talents, meanwhile, will...require more thought. I might post the next volume of it, but....

So, let's do this.

Chapters fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, AND twenty of For Love of Minecraftia will hit the interwebs the second I set it up.

I looooove you!

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