Monday, March 17, 2014


A single shadow slips away--
Slips into the sickened dark.
A boy smiles sweetly,
Before slamming down the stone.

A single color--black.
Black upon the blood.
Black shadows lurking behind the back--
Back of the front door.

What waits inside, what waits inside?
Who's looking out the keyhole, sinner?
Sinner, sinner--black heart
And shining eyes.

Wet with tears, or with warm rain?
What's wrong, what's right?
Will you wait, will you run?
What's left to remake?

Monochrome agony,
Undone reality--
One color--black.
Black like the back of the front door.

Be within me, broken body--
Be here within the black.
A boy, sweet sinner, a boy--
You traded your soul for a boy.

Lover, lover, mother, father--
One broken heart
To fix one soul.
One sinner, one sinner....

Sinner, sinner, you're here.
Read like Sylvia Plath,
Write like the devil--
Black like the back of the front door.

A world at the keyhole.
A girl on the screen.
You sold your soul
For a sinner just like yourself.

Watch me--I'll paint
Your rose-colored glasses
The color I always see:
Black like the back of the front door.

Who waits, sweet sinner, for you?
You knock on the door, sweet sinner--
Who opens it up for you?
Who do you want to be there?

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