Thursday, March 27, 2014

~~In Case You Forgot....~~

In case you forgot:
I almost killed myself
Because I knew
I wasn't good enough
In the eyes of you.
In case you forgot,
The stress of failure
Almost drove me
To suicide.
In case you forgot,
The fact that you never
Supported me
Almost broke me in two.
In case you forgot,
You almost
Ruined me completely.
In case you forgot,
The amount of stress
You put me through
Almost killed me--
So why the fudge
Do you think it's
Completely fine
To yell at the daughter
You never speak to?
If you really
You'd be more careful.
Just because I did badly
Doesn't mean you
Can yell at me and make me feel
Worse than I already do.
Don't you see that,
If you had maybe been good enough
And made me feel like
I could talk to you,
I wouldn't have gotten
This bad?
In case you forgot,
I'm blaming this
On you.
Did you forget
So easily
That you had failed me?
Did you forget so easily
That the weight of my failure
Was more than I could bear,
And that adding to it
Would make me feel like this?
Thank you
For hurting me.
Thank you
For raising me.

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  1. Dear Alex,

    I feel what you write. Have been there. All the best!


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