Friday, March 14, 2014

~~Nothing will Ever be the Same--Life Post~~

Dear everyone,

I cannot begin to explain what has happened. I had an awesome time with my friends. I played a lot of videogames. I did a lot of thinking. I have had several successful counselling sessions. I am doing really well. Really, really well.

I didn't end up getting ANY work done on my novel--in fact, I haven't touched my laptop in several days now--and it has been the most therapeutically relaxing week possible. I was ridiculously...zen. I was legit ZEN, okay? I was gooood, man, goooood!!! Sooooo very good.

Gah, I don't have the patience/time for a long post!

Scheduled posts and poems resume on Monday.

Oh, and guess what?

Shawn and I close the distance, around seven hours.

I'm serious.

Shawn is moving here in seven hours.

He is getting on a bus in an hour.

And he will be here.

Okay, explanation time! He's going to move here for a month, and he will stay in my house until he can find an apartment/job. My parents are awesome. Very awesome. Amazingly awesome!!!!

I am so lucky.

Wish me luck, loves....Wish me luck.

Nothing will ever be the same....

This is my last night of me.

I'm gonna make some jasmine tea.

Nikai tibitomaka,

Half-Mad Writer

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