Monday, March 24, 2014


Is this what I wanted?
I couldn't decide
If it was right, or wrong--
But now I can't hide.

In you, I try to confide
All the secrets we kept from you--
I'm sorry I lied,
And said the feelings were true.

Reality won't let me be,
And I can't maintain this
Bittersweet ecstasy--
I didn't choose this.

I didn't choose to let you lose--
I didn't choose to let you know.
I never realized how far
It would--and could--go.

I never believed in you
Being able to keep me safe.
Now I'm stuck here, in your arms,
And my collar's begun to chafe.

I'm stuck at your feet--
Won't you let me be?
I couldn't leave if I tried....
Don't you dare let me be.

I don't want to face reality.
It's you I need.
I'm crying here,
Don't let me bleed.

I'm dying here,
Don't let me be.
I don't want to face
A reality with only me for company.

I never really understood
What it could mean to love,
But now I think I understand:
Loving means a light in the sky above.

A light in the stormy sky
Where angels wait to cry.
I wonder if we can fly,
As I wait for the pain to die....

Loving you, and loving me,
Are things I think I can do.
I promise I will try--
I will try for you.

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