Monday, March 17, 2014

~~Uh, What Was the Schedule Again...?--Life Post~~

Uh, hi! Life has, apparently, resumed to a loose version of 'normal'. Right now, I am sitting in the library trying to pretend like I have something to do. And I really don't seem to have anything to do. I'm SUPPOSED to be doing research for a project, but because of thingies that I'm not mentioning to the teacher, I've already done all the research for this project and now I am so effing bored. Which is why y'all have the honor of my company once more.

Have I mentioned I'm bored? Oh, jeez, I missed y'all. I missed writing with you guys. I missed talking with you. I missed making you happy. I little corner of the interwebs, where it's all me--all the time.

So, yesterday was the very first full day of Shawn living with me. Was it a good day?

Yeah, it was. I have no idea what I've gotten myself into, but it's fun as hell. I think I love it.

You know, things with him are really quite messed up....

As I've said before, Shawn and I are both the WORST we could possibly be. There is no worse than us. We're insane, broken, cruel, and maddening. And it hurts me so dang much.

But, at the same time....

I couldn't have this any other way.

I WOULDN'T have this any other way. There's nothing better than this, and nothing worse. I mean, we're contradictions. We're trying hard to be better people, but we both know way too well that there is going to be a hell of a fight ahead of us if we ever decide to completely change. Our pasts might be behind us, but the scars are everywhere the other is looking. We're never going to have it easy, but....I....I don't care. I love it this way. I love this broken, incredible world. I love it so, and I would die for it.

Oh, world....My wonderful world.

I was a fool to ever think I could leave you.

I hope ya forgive me know, disappearing and stuff. I spent the entirety of March break doing nothing but relaxing, and getting all the crap out of my head. I feel pretty good right now, even if I am bored.

I think the scheduled posts will resume today, as soon as I remember the schedule....

Whatevs, I'll check when I get home!

Well, I know Monday is a FLOM day, so that will be the next post--if my muse doesn't whack me over the head with a rock and demand a poem!

Hey, hey guys?

It fudging rules to be back.

....Fudging was not misspelled.

Fudge is a verb.


That is all.

I love you!

Nikai tibitomaka,

Half-Mad Writer

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