Sunday, March 17, 2013

~~Why I Hide~~

I can't tell Ian so many things

Why? Because I'm afraid
I'm afraid I'll over burden him

I'm afraid I'll be the one that breaks him

After everything he's done
Who am I to ask him to do more?
After everything he's gone through
Who am I to put him through more?

I'm the girl that he loves
I'm the girl that he chooses over everything else
I'm the girl that will never leave
I'm the girl that makes him happy

I'm the girl that will be the reason
For him to move countries

For him to smile
For him to grow

I'm the girl that he loves the most
So why do I hide so?
I'm the girl I never thought I'd be
God, I hope I'll make him proud....

I should never hide from him
Even though I'm scared to hurt him
I know he feels when I shatter inside
Even when I never mention it

Ian, I apologize
For doing what I promised I wouldn't
For hiding from you
I'll try not to hide any more

You're the man I love the most
You're the man I'll run to
You're the man I choose
You're the one I'll wait for.....

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