Saturday, March 16, 2013

~~I'm no Child~~

Though the years I've lived are so few
I lived for longer than one might know
Done more than many would guess
And the scars I accumulated outnumber my years

I'm going to get over it though
I want to get to a point where all my agony
Matters not
And my story doesn't need to be told

I don't think I'll be there for a while
For now, my past haunts me
A shadow blacker than my own
A scar on pale skin

One day, perhaps, I will laugh
And soar free from the things I hate
But that day will not be soon
I wish it could come sooner.....

Scars accumulate
Innocence is stolen
Tears fall
Life continues

The world cannot be stopped
It's useless to regret
It's useless to remember the things that hurt us
For more things will come

But, life is worth it
Life is beautiful
Life is hell
But life is what we make it

I'm no child, not any more
Innocence lost cannot be regained
Scars cannot disappear
Shame cannot turn to pride

Perhaps one day I will forget
As I have already forgotten
Maybe.....I'll never change.....

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