Sunday, March 17, 2013

~~On a Memory~~

When I tell my story now
It's like I'm telling something
Others have told to me
It doesn't hurt any more, but how?

Did I really move on and forget?
Did I grow past it?
Did it really matter, then?
I no longer regret....

What was done to me was cold
And what it turned me into was worse
I was a kid, I was drowning
But now I can escape their hold

I can cling to the hope I bear inside
The hope I've always had
I'll move on, I've moved on
I'll never need to hide

Maybe it's right if I let it pass me by
Maybe it's good if I let it go
But, maybe it's not good
If I didn't have so much reason to cry

I wouldn't have been me without it
Wouldn't have been who I am now
And it's best that I live on
As long as I don't regret it....

I'm alright now, I suppose
I made a lot of good choices
And in truth I'm glad
That it was Ian I chose.

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