Wednesday, March 6, 2013

~~Daydream of a Future~~

I think of the future, and I think of the past
I wonder how far I've come
Will the road I walk then
Be the same I walked before?

Or will it be new, a different dawn
Than the one I watch grow
As I head off to school, cellphone in hand
Waiting for the texts that surely come

I wonder how different it will be
When I hit thirty, with my kids
Will I have them yet? I hope so
I want my life to be good then

I dream of my life, and laugh and dance
Life will grow, life will heal
Life will go on, and I will go on with it
The past should not be clung to

I've learned from my mistakes
Learned, been scarred by, and grown
Of course there's a lot I know not
But there's still so much I have done

I've lived, and I will go on to live
I'll take the future and make it be
What I desire it to be
Children, a husband, a bookstore, coffee

Laughter, warmth, comfort, life
Horror movies and cozy, fluffy socks
A fire to warm myself at
Coiling up, like a cat, my head in my lover's lap

I love you, and you're part of my future
I won't leave you; I'll carry you with me
A memory, forever good
I'll never let you go, if you do the same for me.

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