Tuesday, March 26, 2013

~~Go To Sleep: Two Sonnets~~

I never believed in her
Never believed she was real
She tore me from my tether
I cut her so she could feel
She tore me from head to toe
Pulled me down to her level
Told me she loved me, though a fool would know
How much of a lie that was, how much trouble
But yet I know I'd still listen
I know I would still believe the falsity

In her, I can find a place to fasten
My rope, and keep myself dangling above the agony

But she never believed in me
And now she walks away sleeplessly....

Inside, I run, try to hide
Outside, I dance
Within, there are no lies
Without, I have not a chance
But I'll just go to sleep
It won't matter when I wake
My love, he will keep, he will keep
He will keep me from taking
My life, my life
With this blasted gun
Or maybe his precious knife
I thought he had been someone
That I could really trust
But there was no one that was just....

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