Saturday, March 23, 2013

~~If I Could Go Back...~~

I'm uncertain of my path
The darkness inside, the hell ahead
If I stop walking, will I burn?
If I turn back and look behind me, who will be following?

I'm uncertain of my past
All the memories I once had, now sliding away
Some forced away out of pain
Even though I had once held them dear

I'm uncertain of all things
What the Fool had done
When he pulled me away...
Did he do right?

I was wrenched between two men
Both perfect, both horrific
Weakness of one; strength of the other
Who could I choose?

They both offered no assistance
Swearing they care even though they cause the tears
They both told me to choose the others
Even though that hurt the most

I know they wanted me
So why did they never fight?
I know they cared about me
So why did they make me choose?

If I could go back
I would take all those words of love away
Better isolation than this familiar pain
Better loneliness than hate-tainted love

If I could go back
I would make a choice sooner

I would choose to walk away
Before I was forced to lie again

Do I love Ian? Love the man
Who has known me more than any other?
Accepted me, through hell and high water?
Do I love him?

That remains to be seen
I believe I do......I fear losing him
I crave his company
Is that love....?

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