Monday, March 4, 2013

~~Was it Worth It?~~

People say I've grown
People say I've lived
People say I've gone so far
People say I've changed

I look back at who I was
Was I really that bad, back then?
I guess I wasn't
I was just inexperienced

Have I changed that much, in such a short time?
Have I truly grown past where I was before?
I think I should hope that I have
Life wasn't this good before

Of course, I still hide somewhat
From the light of recovery--it blinds me so!
I still flee from it still
But, yet, it's so worth it my love

I'm recovering still, at least
I'm making my way slowly towards the good things
I'm going to be alright, even though the road is hard
I'm making it work

I'm making the hell in my life slide away
I'm truly going to get better, my dears
Forget the places I used to live in
Forget the past I used to have

I'll handle it in the end
I'll get past all of the world I had
I will truly recover, my dearest loves
Never doubt that

But never forget I'll always be wondering
Was it worth it, in the end?
Was the road I walked to get here worth all its bumps and scrapes?
Was it really worth it?

I truly think it was
I think I made the right choices
I think I recovered
And I think I'm happy....

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