Saturday, March 30, 2013


To me, your name
Is the perfect thing to murmur
An incantation, a spell
A Promise
You are the Promise
After so long

Drifting forsaken and forsaking
I stumbled upon you

And god knows I clutched at you
You kept me afloat
When the waves of the world
Wrenched at me and turned
Me inside out

Boiling black
A tsunami of tea leaves and tears

You, you dragged me

Through my worst times
Lifted me up

Gave me the will power
To shine and shiver and sing
I know you always say
That I am your light
But you are mine
Even though right now I'm drifting
Lost and confused, everything
An illusion spawned
By my pain-addled mind
Something I can't quite trust
But what I want to run to
Whenever I think of you
My heart is clutched
By a warm hand
A Promise of feeling
A Promise of more

A Promise of something different
Something real

God knows I have done wrong
Lied and hid from you
The one person I should never hide from
But yet you're here
You accept me, for all my pain-flooded
Tossing and turning self
My moments of forced laughter
Delirious abandon brought on by exhaustion
You accept me, and Ian
Ian, love...
That's all I ever want.
I want to love you
I want to hold you
I want to be there with you....
I want you
I will always want you.

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