Sunday, March 17, 2013

~~Martyr and Angel~~


Give it to me
Let me take your burden
It's all I deserve
I'll carry it for you

I never deserved anything better
I'll play into your delusions
Steal your painful memories
Give you peace

I don't want you to suffer
So I'll suffer in your stead
I'll take it all away
Make you okay

I'll dwell in darkness
For I've given you my light
You don't need to than me
Making you happy was all I desired

Don't ever feel like you owe me anything
This is all I am
And all I care to be
I'm strong enough to take it


You want me to be beautiful
To be kind, and always smile
You want me to care
And hold you close

You want me to be strong
Always ready with a joke
How it would sicken you
If you realized how I felt

I'm not the girl you believe
How I wish I was!
While I do indeed grow
Inside, I still remain frozen

But, for you, I will fight
I will grow and be free
If you say you're proud of me
I'll be the girl you think I am

I promise I'll try at least
Not sure if I'll succeed
But I just don't want you
To ever leave me alone....


Don't ever lie to me

I promise I never will
I know you're hurting, let me help
I know you're hurting, too

Let me be the one that never hurts you
Let me be the one you can lean on
Let me be the one that knows you
Let me be the one that heals you

When you're happy, so am I
When you're around, I can smile
You make the dark go away
You make me realize I'm alive

Don't ever hide from me, I know how you feel
I won't, as long as you stay
I will never let you go, I need you
As I need you

One day, the hell we live through
One day, it will be worth it
One day I can make you happy
One day I can finally kiss you....

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