Wednesday, March 27, 2013

~~Please Understand How Much I Love You~~

I can never find a title
For my mind works not in that way
I can never find something to call
The random thoughts that slip so swiftly away

I can never find a place
To snatch the darkness
I can never find out how
To reveal the brightness

I try and attempt
To speak through words and deeds
All never quite close to being enough
To fulfill my reader's needs

I know I get close sometimes
For my views number quite high
But I know not the beauty
That can be shown with a startling lie

Instead, I always attempt to be honest
Nothing good ever came out of hiding
Even though a lot of it is rough and untamed
It's a good deal better than lying

Please listen, for I have words to say
Please watch, for I have things to do
Please believe, for I cannot lie
Please understand how much I love you. 

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