Thursday, March 7, 2013

~~Don't Get Close~~

I told you once, please don't
Make me murmur this bitter lie again
"Don't get close to me
"I'll leave you if I must."
I'll leave you if I must
As if I could go
As if I had the strength to run

I wish so much that I was strong
That I could move away from here
But in the end I'm only human
And I'm broken inside
Broken, but maybe
The scarred tissue of my heart
Will begin to beat again

Maybe it's already beating?

Maybe I'm already feeling?
Maybe this queer ache and this bittersweet glimmer

Is what it's really like to feel?
If it is, then that's amazing
I can truly feel
But, I say again, don't get close

Just because I'm okay doesn't mean

I can take your company if you hurt me
It doesn't mean I'm not fragile
It doesn't mean I can't still break
So please, understand me when I say
It's not personal at all if I send you away
I have to be selfish if I am to survive

I'm done saying I'm sorry though
To all the ones I hurt
Emily, Adam, Simon, everyone else
I'm over it, and you should be too
Life has passed
We've moved on
And I think I'm healed....

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