Sunday, March 17, 2013


Asylum I seek
Love I know
Forever I flee
For what I don't show
Is how broken I am
But the gods only know
How much I wish I did!
The billion little secrets
They think my life is easy...!
The billion little scars
They wonder why I don't smile....
I wish they did know
But if it was so
What would they do?
Would the send me away
To therapy?
Would they send me away?
I mean it's not like
I've done what they wanted me to
No, I've done the opposite
I've lived so much more
And god knows I've paid for it
In blood, sweat, semen, and tears
I'm done, my loves
Don't ask me why
I want to run now

So why does it matter?
Why does it ever matter?

The loneliness I feel
Is it even true?
You know, if I said
That I was okay
I wonder--
God, how I wonder--
How many would believe it
How many would know the truth
And if my parents guess what I really mean:
"God help me."
"I'm dying."

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