Sunday, March 17, 2013

~~In A Red Dress And Alone~~

Make you fall for me, as if you matter
I'll promise to give you everything of me
But I'll never show you the mirror I shattered

And used the glass to slit my wrist
For I'm not as beautiful as you say
I'll tear off the lips you kissed
And lay down to sleep in the middle of the day

Beauty fades as I suicide
Passes away, leaving the skin so scarred
Pale skin, showing the veins makeup tried to hide
Showing all the things that life had marred

I'll lock you away, and never return
I'll tuck the key down my shirt
A teasing look to make you yearn
A dark laugh so I can make you hurt

In a red dress and alone
I'll dance with you tonight
Maybe you'll guess at all I've never shown
At everything that will never see the light...

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