Monday, March 11, 2013

~~I Am Through Lying Still~~

What's justice when we're so beaten
Down that we can barely breathe?

What's right when we're so drowned in tears
That we can never believe

That we never saw this before
And never believed it was real
What's justice when we can no longer feel?
What's right when we are always wrong?

I'm done listening to you say
I could've said no, I asked for it
I am done hearing how I'm a fool
And I caused everything on that day

I'm done thinking that I was wrong
For doing what I did
When all I did was what was asked
And nothing I should be punished for

I'm a kid, couldn't they understand
That I wasn't ready for it?
I'm a kid, couldn't they see
That I couldn't say no to it?

I can't say no, but that doesn't mean
That I am saying yes
I don't care what you think
This time, I'm speaking up

I've been hurt before, so I know it hurts
I've been beaten down, made to suffer
I've been left alone, and abandoned for good
God knows I've been left for dead

But this is the last time I let you hurt me
This is the last time I care
Get away from me if you value your life
I don't care any more!

If you think I look like a tasty morsel
Then be prepared to choke

I'm going to force you down
And make you regret every lie you spoke

And then I'll do my worst
I'll tell the truth, I swear I will
Condemn you to jail, and myself to shame
And isolation once again

But yet I feel it's worth it
I feel like you deserve it
My complete and utter ruination
In the name of vengeance

All innocence lost
All justice disappeared
All loyalty betrayed
All kindness tainted

The next person who tries to hurt me
Will be burned at the stake
The next person who lies to me
Will know what's at stake

I don't care any more if you want me back
I'm done lying still
I'm through letting you hurt me
So let me go; before I start to bite.

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