Tuesday, April 8, 2014

~~You Are My Sword~~

Hello, I'm your soldier.
Will you be weapon?
Will you be the one I
Use to defend
All the things
I don't believe in?
Will you be the one
I swing to tear his heart
In two?
Will you be my weapon?
Will you be my soul?
I'm losing the part of me
That doesn't like to kill.
I'm gaining the parts of you
That want to tear
His heart in two--
I'll be your soldier,
If you teach me how to fight.
Will you be my teacher?
Will you be the one
To show me how to best
Destroy everyone
That is determined
To break me away
From you?
Will you take me
Away from this bitter
Will you hurl me
Into battle,
So I can prove I'm deserving
Of you?
Will you be my weapon,
So I can be your shield?
I won't let myself
Break down.
I won't fall apart--
Be the weapon
I use
To tear this world apart.
Be my sword.

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