Friday, April 25, 2014

~~The Stories of a Girl~~

I am a writer, and I am fine.
I am mad, but you are mine.
You are the one I dance for.
You are the one I trust.
You listen to my stories,
And help my mind adjust.
I am growing,
My heart is shining,
And you've saved me from the dark.
Black on white--my world was so stark.
You've changed my mind,
And changed my soul--
Is it wrong to thank you
For making me whole?
You listen to my stories,
And tell me I'm amazing.
You tell me a thousand times
That I am all yours, and you are mine.
You tell me I'm lovely,
And listen with joy.
You turn to me and listen
To my words.
You are proud of me,
And I know I'm proud of you.
I feel good when I'm with you.
You make me happy,
You make me good---
I wish I could show you
What I couldn't do for anyone else.
I wish I could show you I love you.
I wish I could find the words,
But I can't find out how to be kind.
The words tumble from my tongue,
Far too cruel and cold--
You love me still, even though I know
You shouldn't love.
You listen to my stories,
And put up with my tears.
You soothe me and you tease me
For all my irrational fears.
You prove to me it's alright,
And help me through the night.
I absolutely love you.
You make me smile.
You listen to my stories,
But you don't know
You're the only reason
I'm telling them.
You don't know you are
My inspiration.
My fascination,
My temptation--
You are my love.
I listen to your stories,
And I hope you know
That I love you with every
Beat of my heart.

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