Friday, April 25, 2014

~~On the Wrong Page: A Free Verse Story~~

Ever so
You can't tell what's wrong,
Now can you?
You swallow, wondering why
My eyes sparkle and shine.
Is that a laugh
That can be called sane?
Is that something
You can measure?
Biting your lip,
You face me and wonder
Why I am so quiet.
Do I need a friend?
Do I notice there's a world
Surrounding me?
Is the distant gaze
I possess
Registering you,
Or a different place,
Different face?
Do you feel my gaze
Flicking over you?
Taking all of you
In, before
Not to bother?
You wince a little
At my coldness.
You see me smirk,
See me smile--
A hidden girl,
Her hidden world.
I am on the wrong page,
And you are watching
Me write the story
Of my life.
You are on the wrong page,
Wondering why
I'm smiling.

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